Florida Will Require Employers to Use E-Verify

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As part of a potentially growing trend, a new law in Florida will require private employers with at least 25 employees to use E-Verify, the digital immigration verification tool, during their onboarding process, starting July 1. Gov. Ron DeSantis signed SB 1718 into law on May 10. It will increase penalties for noncompliance and for employers that knowingly hire undocumented …


Risk Transfer

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In this issue: • Understanding subcontractor agreements & risk transfer. • When is contractual risk transfer used? • Aspects of a contractual risk transfer agreement. • Contractual risk transfer considerations. • Ways to minimize your risk when signing a contract.
• Who needs contractual risk transfer protection?


Understanding Subcontractor Agreements and Risk Transfer

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Making sure you’re not held responsible for mistakes or errors made by a service provider, subcontractor or other party can be critical to protecting your business. A contract that clearly and specifically spells out, for example, which party is responsible for certain aspects of a project before work begins could save your company both time and expenses in the event …


The Importance of Certificates of Insurance

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No matter what industry you’re in, chances are your organization will, at some point, rely on the help of a third party to fulfil certain business needs. Regardless of who you work with, business arrangements with contractors and vendors can open you up to a number of risks—risks that need to be accounted for through insurance.


Suicidal employees are only invisible if no one is looking

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As an agency dedicated to the construction industry, we are committed to raising awareness on mental health. The stigma around mental health has started to diminish, but according to the CDC’s data on suicide risk within occupational groups, the construction industry has one of the highest rates of suicide. According to a study conducted by CIRP 83% of construction workers …


5 GeneralLiability Exposures to Know

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Almost every organization has commercial liability loss exposures. A commercial liability loss exposure is a condition or situation that presents the possibility that an organization will be held legally or financially responsible for injury, harm or damage to another party



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Scrambling to keep up with constantly changing regulations can cost your company time, effort, and money. But how do you know where to begin? What if you miss something important?– No more playing HR and compliance catch-up.– We invested in a tool called Mineral for our clients to access at no cost


PTO Payout Laws in Florida

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Is an Employer Required to Pay Unused Vacation Days in a Final Paycheck in Florida? When an employee quits or otherwise loses their job, they often want to know if state law requires employers to pay for unused vacation days in the final paycheck. Florida law does not require employers to offer any paid vacation days, although many still do. …